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Change Log

This is the complete change log for "Database Workbench v4" version "4.4.5".

Item# Category Description
#844 (Feature)DiagrammingDiagram editor updateable from database
#812 (Enhancement)GeneralWhen using "quick browse", use table name as task bar caption instead of "unnamed"
#84 (Bug)Compare & MigrationStored procedure: the variables with default value had to be last parameters
#756 (Bug)Compare & MigrationFirebird: Domains for procedure parameters not used when creating change script after compare
#821 (Bug)Data Import & ExportNexusDB CSV import fails on integer column
#845 (Bug)DiagrammingUsing "get format"/"apply format" ignores font color
#846 (Bug)DiagrammingComment Box context menu has an item saying "Action1" which does nothing
#841 (Bug)Firebird ModuleCreate database can fail on multi-instancing and having multiple clients on the workstation
#843 (Bug)Firebird ModuleSingle line comments in scripts should not be replaced for Firebird 1.5 and up
#822 (Bug)GeneralGrid font size in Preferences not used in editor grids
#847 (Bug)General"Data" tab in Table & View Editor wasn't using the default transaction isolation from the Preferences
#807 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleQuery prevents access
#808 (Bug)MySQL ModuleCreating full text index on nchar/nvarchar column raises error
#820 (Bug)MySQL ModuleServer Process window fails to connect on non-default port server
#828 (Bug)MySQL ModuleDebugger: Server side raised SQL errors not always caught by declared condition handlers
#795 (Bug)Oracle ModuleExiting drop down combos in Create/Edit Table Space dialog raises exception
#806 (Bug)SQL & Parameter InsightPossible out of memory when invoking sql insight

Total of 17 items.