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Change Log

This is the complete change log for "Database Workbench v5" version "5.6.x".

Item# Category Description
5.6.8 #1699 (Enhancement)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleAbility to specify scale on TIME data type
5.6.8 #1710 (Bug)Firebird ModuleCatching GDS codes in stored routine debugger fails
5.6.8 #1701 (Bug)GeneralDoubleclicking Workspace objects on multi-schema connections sometimes wouldn't open object
5.6.8 #1709 (Bug)GeneralAssertion error in uDBW_Config when trying to open SQL Editor with specific settings
5.6.8 #1711 (Bug)GeneralSpecific issue with exception handlers that don't catch exception in debugger for Firebird & InterBase
5.6.8 #1704 (Bug)InterBase ModuleCatching GDS codes in stored routine debugger fails
5.6.8 #1703 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleDateTime2-datatype precision not loaded correctly from meta data views
5.6.8 #1702 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleAdding database objects to Workspace can fail due to owner name being different from schema name
5.6.6 #1695 (Feature)PrintingAbility to use query parameters in custom reports
5.6.6 #1693 (Enhancement)GeneralSort the 'DSA Dialogs' options list in the Preferences
5.6.6 #1694 (Bug)ADO/ODBC ExplorerPossible 'cannot convert null into integer' meta data error with some ADO over ODBC drivers
5.6.6 #1696 (Bug)Oracle ModuleSynonym DDL somtimes contains wrong owner
5.6.6 #1681 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleAdding PostgreSQL database to Favorites results in 'Abstract Error'
5.6.6 #1698 (Bug)PostgreSQL Modulebytea datatype columns not listed in Blob Editor
5.6.4 #1687 (Bug)DiagrammingEditing trigger in SQL Server diagram raises access violation
5.6.4 #1686 (Bug)InterBase ModuleCancelling the creation of an 'Encryption Key' results in access violation
5.6.4 #1688 (Bug)MySQL ModuleChar based defaults don't include automatic single quotes around values
5.6.4 #1691 (Bug)MySQL ModuleSyntax highlighting error when using backslash
5.6.4 #1684 (Bug)NexusDB ModuleWhen extracting the DDL of check constraints in NexusDB, the first and last parenthesis are lost
5.6.4 #1690 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleIndex display error with indices on materialized views
5.6.2 #1675 (Bug)Firebird ModuleError on create firebird database
5.6.2 #1679 (Bug)Firebird ModuleUsing 'type of (domainname)' in variable declaration fails
5.6.2 #1676 (Bug)GeneralPossible disappearing Enterprise Manager in trial version on large(r) font screens
5.6.2 #1677 (Bug)GeneralFont scaling issue with Enterprise Manager and SQL Catalogs
5.6.2 #1678 (Bug)InterBase ModuleError after creating database
5.6.2 #1682 (Bug)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModuleAdding SQL Anywhere database to Favorites results in 'Abstract Error'
5.6.10 #1757 (Feature)Data Pump & CompareAdd filter text feild that can be used to reduce the displayed list of tables in Data compare window
5.6.10 #1713 (Bug)ADO/ODBC ExplorerObject delimiter error in MS Access database with .accdb extension.
5.6.10 #1719 (Bug)Data Import & ExportExport to XML shouldn't replace _ and - in column names when converting to attributes
5.6.10 #1720 (Bug)GeneralPossible date-format error with non-English locale when filtering on date columns in Table/View Editor
5.6.10 #1721 (Bug)General'Node ChildCount cannot be MaxInt' on specific series of actions after server connection failure
5.6.10 #1717 (Bug)InterBase ModulePage buffer edit on Database Property dialog has invalid 'max value' restriction
5.6.10 #1722 (Bug)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModuleUsing filter/click-on-header-to-sort in Table/View Editor data-tab fails
5.6.0 #1279 (Feature)Data Pump & CompareCommand Line version of the Data Pump
5.6.0 #1644 (Feature)GeneralAbility to create list of 'favourite databases' in Enterprise Manager
5.6.0 #1669 (Bug)Data Import & ExportTrying DWX-import results in 'list index out of bounds' on Options page in wizard
5.6.0 #1670 (Bug)DiagrammingAssertion error during DDL extract in some versions of an InterBase or Firebird diagram
5.6.0 #1672 (Bug)GeneralMultilevel clipboard toolbar doesn't scale properly
5.6.0 #1674 (Bug)GeneralSQL Editor 'search bar' doesn't scale properly with forced large images
5.6.0 #1668 (Bug)NexusDB ModuleModifying foreign key constraint in Table Editor fails to properly sync object in memory
5.6.0 #1671 (Bug)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModuleClient connection should not use broadcast but always use specified host/port

Total of 41 items.