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Change Log

This is the complete change log for "Database Workbench v5" version "5.5.0".

Item# Category Description
#1652 (Feature)InterBase ModuleInterBase 2017 support
#1589 (Feature)MySQL ModuleMySQL 8.0 support
#1648 (Feature)PostgreSQL ModulePostgreSQL 11 support
#1657 (Enhancement)Data Pump & CompareAbility to transfer native GUID values from any DBMS to Firebird/InterBase CHAR(16) OCTETS
#1658 (Enhancement)Meta Data Compare & MigrationConvert native GUID to CHAR(16) CHARACTER SET OCTETS in InterBase/Firebird
#1665 (Bug)DiagrammingSQL Server User Defined Types not properly saved to diagram file
#1660 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleUser Defined Types on VarBinary don't include length specifier
#1649 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleCreating a new trigger including trigger function in Table Editor doesn't add new trigger function to list in editor
#1650 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleDropping a trigger in the Table Editor generates wrong statement
#1654 (Bug)SQL & Parameter InsightCTE's show no SQL Insight for Firebird

Total of 10 items.