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Change Log

This is the complete change log for "Database Workbench v5" version "5.2.x".

Item# Category Description
5.2.6 #1444 (Bug)Data Import & ExportDefault date/time format in script should be SQL standard, to avoid DBMS specific settings
5.2.6 #1445 (Bug)Data Pump & CompareSQL Server TIMESTAMP columns should not be exported when modifying data
5.2.6 #1447 (Bug)Data Pump & CompareColumns that weren't compared, were also missing from change script
5.2.6 #1440 (Bug)DiagrammingGenerating MySQL PDM from CDM misses FKs pointing to PK-constraint
5.2.6 #1441 (Bug)DiagrammingMySQL table CREATE script created from Diagram can have FIRST after column, which doesn't work in new tables
5.2.6 #1442 (Bug)DiagrammingCreating MySQL PDM from CDM sets table storage engine to BDB instead of Default
5.2.6 #1443 (Bug)Firebird ModuleFb 3: once a new column is set to be Identity, changing to unsupported data type doesn't reset this
5.2.4 #1437 (Bug)DiagrammingUsing Diagram Editor with new PostgreSQL database can fail with assertion error
5.2.4 #1435 (Bug)Oracle ModulePossible assertion error when loading stored procedure
5.2.4 #1436 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleUsing other user name than "postgres" when registering server fails with authentication error
5.2.2 #1420 (Feature)PostgreSQL ModuleAbility to use custom data types like "citext"
5.2.2 #1416 (Enhancement)Firebird ModuleSupport Boolean data type when migrating to Firebird 3 and up
5.2.2 #1417 (Bug)GeneralWhen executing an invalid non-threaded query in SQL Editor, that window can't be used anymore
5.2.2 #1423 (Bug)GeneralThe "More DML" options in DB Navigator don't use fully qualified table names, fail outside default schema
5.2.2 #1415 (Bug)Meta Data Compare & MigrationDatabase Workbench Access violation in Database Compare function
5.2.2 #1430 (Bug)Meta Data Compare & MigrationMigrating from PostgreSQL to other systems will result in errors with Serial-based columns
5.2.2 #1418 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleDomain, Enum Type & Composite types with delimited name result in invalid SQL when used as data type
5.2.2 #1419 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleStored Functions are created without schema name, always end up in the default schema
5.2.2 #1421 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleModifying a stored function signature for function with a description resulted in incorrect COMMENT ON statement
5.2.2 #1424 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleWhen extracting DDL, not all objects honored the "don't include schema" option
5.2.2 #1425 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleUsing "refresh list" in the DB Navigator on Indices raises an error
5.2.2 #1426 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleConstraints with columns that are later renamed in the table, raise an error when displaying meta data
5.2.2 #1429 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleMisc small issues
5.2.2 #1432 (Bug)PostgreSQL ModuleSetting column to "not null" for existing table, replace NULLs with value can fail
5.2.0 #1349 (Feature)Data Pump & CompareOption to ignore Description values within DB-Compare of Trigger and Procedures (Firebird)
5.2.0 #1391 (Feature)Firebird ModuleUse CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE of Firebird 1.5 and up in DDL
5.2.0 #1378 (Feature)PostgreSQL ModulePostgreSQL support in new module
5.2.0 #1367 (Feature)PrintingSchema printing: create reports for packages/stored modules/materialized views/types
5.2.0 #1410 (Feature)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModuleSQL Anywhere 17 support
5.2.0 #1413 (Feature)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModuleAdd varbit and long varbit data type support
5.2.0 #1398 (Feature)Visual Query BuilderInclude Materialized Views in the tree view
5.2.0 #1406 (Enhancement)DocumentationUpdated documentation
5.2.0 #1392 (Enhancement)Firebird ModuleFb 3: SET GENERATOR raises information exception, which is handled as an error
5.2.0 #1397 (Enhancement)GeneralOn Dependencies tab, add Materialized View and Object Types to the treeview
5.2.0 #1396 (Enhancement)Meta Data Compare & MigrationDuring migration, the preferred name-case option is set automatically
5.2.0 #1341 (Enhancement)PrintingUnderline primary key columns (like in Diagrams)
5.2.0 #1345 (Bug)Data Pump & CompareError with case sensitive column name value compare
5.2.0 #1346 (Bug)DiagrammingDiagramming fails to draw correctly when reverse engineering a database, switching between sub/diagram, generating physical DB
5.2.0 #1371 (Bug)DiagrammingAutomatic layout fails
5.2.0 #1384 (Bug)DiagrammingDDL extract from diagram doesn't show indices in script
5.2.0 #1370 (Bug)Firebird ModuleError using "Column Specials" in Table Editor
5.2.0 #1381 (Bug)Firebird ModuleStream read error on viewing particular monitoring tables blob field
5.2.0 #1389 (Bug)Firebird ModuleFB 3: "gbak command line" command doesn't work in Firebird 3 when database is in use
5.2.0 #1390 (Bug)Firebird ModuleFB 3: dropping column names as variables in Stored Function Editor creates variables at wrong place
5.2.0 #1347 (Bug)GeneralAbout dialog is not taking into account High DPI and Screen Scaling under Windows
5.2.0 #1364 (Bug)GeneralQuick Backup window doesn't scale properly
5.2.0 #1365 (Bug)GeneralExport DDL dialog has small checkboxes under scaling conditions
5.2.0 #1376 (Bug)GeneralCode Templates not saved
5.2.0 #1377 (Bug)GeneralParameter History will not save a long input string
5.2.0 #1385 (Bug)GeneralModifying Alias/Synonym object results in "ModifySchemaObject not implemented for this object type."
5.2.0 #1386 (Bug)GeneralExecuting stored function/procedure with default value in parameter could fail
5.2.0 #1388 (Bug)GeneralGrantManager shows Schema box depending on first used DBMS, not current DBMS
5.2.0 #1394 (Bug)GeneralQuery Prepare can lock up Database Workbench if transaction locks up without timeout mechanism
5.2.0 #1395 (Bug)GeneralAutocommit checkbox invalud size under large-screen scaling conditions
5.2.0 #1403 (Bug)GeneralMisc small issues
5.2.0 #985 (Bug)Meta Data Compare & MigrationImplicit primary key object name not upper cased despite option
5.2.0 #1358 (Bug)Meta Data Compare & MigrationSQL Anywhere after compare script collector doesn't set DB space to index/table
5.2.0 #1399 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleDatabase role members never listed in Role Editor
5.2.0 #1400 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleAutoCommit transactions in Data tab or SQL Editor not auto-commit
5.2.0 #1401 (Bug)Microsoft SQL Server ModuleNew Login "confirm password" box length is smaller than "password" box length
5.2.0 #1383 (Bug)MySQL ModuleAdding new column to existing table ignores position
5.2.0 #1387 (Bug)MySQL ModuleMaximum password length in User dialog is 16, this is an old limit and should be removed
5.2.0 #1402 (Bug)Oracle ModulePossible ORA-01461 error about LONG when transferring CLOB data in DataPump
5.2.0 #1405 (Bug)Oracle ModuleNo byte/char length specifier on (var)char columns
5.2.0 #1366 (Bug)PrintingSchema printing: Not Null/Default headers are different font than other headers
5.2.0 #1375 (Bug)SQL & Parameter InsightSQL Insight returns nothing when using multiple (...) around tables in FROM/JOIN clause
5.2.0 #1412 (Bug)Sybase SQL Anywhere ModulePossible access violation when dropping a database

Total of 67 items.